First African exporter of waterproof luminaire.

Innovation and quality in all our processes are our leitmotif. We aspire to be the first option in terms of partnership of our customers.

Our production facility employs a combination of the latest technologies incorporating technical innovation, research and highly efficient management supported by a supportive logistical infrastructure.

The company had a laboratory certified in 1998 and had all its products certified according to the international standards in force. Equipments of ...
We are proud to propose our large portfolio of quality products composed by a safety guarantee and the best selection of raw materials and know ...

Production Site: 1, Avenue January 18, 1952
Sidi Hassine Séjoumi 1095 Tunis, Tunisia

Head Office: 13 Rue Du Nile Sidi Fathallah 2023
Jbel Jloud Tunis – Tunisia

Phone : + 216 71 397 555

Fax: +216 71 493 094

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