Factory GIE

The company had a laboratory certified in 1998 and had all its products certified according to the international standards in force.

Equipments of production :

  • Unity of thermoforming (2 press 1200T + 2 press 300T),
  • 6 press of injection of (40T in 200T),
  • A robotic unit of gasket making ,
  • A unit of boiler making (5 plieuses press of 50t in 150T),
  • 4 vertical guillotines,
  • 5 prospinners,
  • Grignoteuse,
  • 2 Stamping machines ,
  • 2 machines of cut of sheet steels with high debit(output) of 0.4mm in 1.5mm,
  • A Unit of maintenance of moulds(mussels) and matrices,
  • A Unit of weld just in time,
  • A unit of painting epoxy high debit(output),
  • A Unit of very qualified cabling-assembly,
  • A Unit of packaging thermo-retractable.

Des essais normalisés.

Our laboratory is in conformity with standards NFC B1 & 598-1. 

Tests in all the phases of production. 

The conformity of the product is our first concern.