GIE was founded in 1992 by Mohamed Abdelghaffar…’, ‘GIE was founded in 1992 by Mohamed Abdelghaffar.

The company has committed itself to target a market with a very high competition and set 3 key objectives for its success as follow:

  • Client Satisfaction
  • Total Quality
  • Foreign Markets
  • Client Satisfaction:

It is the Leitmotiv of the company. It invested all its resources to realize its vision of total quality considering cautiously all the points related to the client satisfaction and its demand.

– Total Quality :

GIE has acquired in 1998, a certified laboratory which helped in the certification of all its products. It has the NF certificate for all its products and the TUV sign for others.

The Company is currently working to be certified ISO 9000 and ENEC.

– Foreign Markets:

Because of its policy to acquire new market shares, the company adopted the program of Mise à Niveau; which helped increasing the revenues of the company. It realized a significant increase compared to 1998.

The management team has committed itself to provide its customers and its partners with a top-of-the range service.

As the customer is our partner to satisfy it is our business.

The company had a laboratory certified in 1998 and had all its products certified according to the international standards in force. Equipments of ...
We are proud to propose our large portfolio of quality products composed by a safety guarantee and the best selection of raw materials and know ...